Using both new and recycled materials these works explore destruction, reconstruction and metaphysical aspects of our shelter

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Oil on canvas, on canvas board, on board, on paper and other things

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People and Places and Techniques and Media

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Media-centric explorations and investigations of concepts and techniques about our domestic and built environments and how we relate to them

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The work of Helena Sahm uses the built environment to explore themes on buildings and houses, where they are, what they contain, the environment they are in, what they symbolise and how we respond to them. She uses a combination of recycled and new materials in both 3 and 2 dimensional work.

A Sydney born and bred artist this direction began in 2007 when, as a personal challenge to create a more intimate relationship with her newly adopted town of Bunbury, Helena began observing the houses and buildings of the town.  The cookie cutter suburbs verse the established areas, the diversity in architecture and the regions rapid expansion seen through new housing developments became a source for expression. She was living here not there. 

The works have developed into broader themes of living here not there where in a global context buildings and abodes have been destroyed by fire, wind, water, earthquake, neglect and war, there not here.

Contrasts through travel experiences and her own environment are also in development including the world she is making at home since returning to full time art making.

Her past work included figurative and portrait work.  Sahm also has been an educator, public gallery and cultural centre manager, regional arts advocate and board member, local government arts and policy developer.  She has exhibited in solo and group shows across Australia.

Since 1993

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