Good Government-After Lorenzetti
Ink on timber veneer
signed 2017
Graphite, ink on paper. 1508x754 Framed- timber acrylic.

My Practice

My work sits under an over arching theme of 'Living Here Not There'.  My interest is in homes, shelter and buildings and how our built environment influences us socially, mentally and physically.

I live in a safe and beautiful part of the world unlike many people on this planet.  This state of being influences my outward view and comparisons find themselves expressed in my work.  I live here not there.

I am immediately attracted to manipulating media, combining forms and images and finding visual solutions to ideas.  I collect clean and recyclable materials and combine them with new ones.  Constructivist sensibilities pervade my work both in 2D and 3D forms.

Sometimes my creative direction is akin to swimming in soup and consequently my practice is eclectic. I attribute my training as an art educator to some of this approach where my interests have developed into a broad range of expressive forms and concepts.

Drawing is my first love next to working with paper.  These find themselves within my work.

Representational and figurative images, portraiture and the human form dominated my early practice and these do find themselves appearing now and again as I play with ideas.


Our Approach

Commissioned portraits

I will work on commission portraits from a distance.  This means a photograph will form the source of the work.  However I am mostly interested in unusual expressions and angles, quirky and the off beat shots of people.

If you like my approach contact me for a request.

Our Story

Figurative and portrait work

Small and large works in crayon, ink and, charcoal

I Had a Little Brother

Oil pastel on Yupo

Yupo is a polyurethane paper


Charcoal on 800gsm cold cast paper

This work was created by carving into the blackened paper as a reductive drawing process

Alice House - Carved charcoal on paper
150x102cm (unframed)

Alice in Bunburland

Charcoal on 800gsm cold cast paper

This work was made by mechanically carving into the pre blackened surface

Next Steps...

For portrait requests please contact me.  Portraits are re imagined from your more unusual photos.